Reader's Comments about Vienna Dolorosa:

Sally Miller of Synergy Press has proven it can still happen: Literary art can be found in the most unlikely places (Read more)

Vienna Dolorosa was a fascinating read for me. Having studied Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, (Read more)

Vienna Dolorosa, a tragedy with comic overtones.


The fractured, shattered-shard stylization is appropriate for the historical context and its artistic milieu of Expressionism, (Read more)

The story is about deviant sexual behavior in a backdrop of growing brutality. As a Jewish reader, I felt bunched up with the other "undesirables" (Read more)

I read the book halfway through, but I couldnít finish it. Too much smut!

NJ businessman

At the beginning of Vienna Dolorosa I wondered if I was reading a pooh-pooh undies novel. (Read more)

Vienna Dolorosa is like a fiendish curse out of the backdoor of hell. (Read more)

Though Vienna Dolorosa is really not my cup of tea, I can appreciate the novel's good qualities: the writing is clear and moves along well; the historical detail is very interesting and rings true. It is not dull but rather, very lively, and provides a window on a world — a time and place — that most of us have never thought of.

Louise, romance writer

Another audacious work in your publishing venture and it certainly will draw some attention from those who are made aware of its existence.

Peter Riden, The Affiliate and The Grand Barn