Vienna Dolorosa by Mykola Dementiuk is quite disturbing and very uninhibited with sexual content, transvestitism, sodomy, underage sex, and much more. It was honestly a stomach turning read, based in 1938 Vienna during Hitler’s reign.

Boys dressed as girls so grown men could sate sexual fantasies, a Nazi follower castrated for being found with a young boy in the lavatory, murder of a teenage male prostitute, and pure ungoverned filth pretty much describe the goings on of Frau Friska’s Hotel and staff.

Friska Bielinska was a transvestite, dressing as a woman professing to run a legitimate hotel, but she had hidden secrets; she also ran a teen brothel were men could have intercourse with young boys dressed up in skirts, bra’s, stockings and wigs.

Petya was one of the boys Friska had taken under her wing, and through out the story you get to experience life during Hitler’s raids in his eyes. He has seen way too much horror for a child of 14. Helmut works at Friska’s hotel and he is a long time friend, but he did something toward the middle of this book that made me think of him as a dirty old pervert, just whipping things out without any concerns to the other person’s feelings.

I know it all sounds negative, but the book was very well written, just the content is very hard to grasp and swallow. Uncivilized and uncultured the Nazi’s tortured innocent people and spit or ejaculated on them once they were beaten beyond recognition more often than not. Stealing possessions and crushing hopes, dreams and lives.

Mykola has talent for penning the truths of the old world, making me physically ill, this is not a book I would read for a second time, I don’t think my stomach could handle it second time around. The author details events as precisely as if I am watching the local news on television. I will not give a bad review for a book that is not my taste because it was extremely horrific, but was very well written. 3.5 Hearts3

-Crystal Adkins