Book Title: Vienna Dolorosa
Author: Mykola Dementiuk
Publisher: Synergy Press
Genre: Historical Depravity
Nymph Rating: 0 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs reviewer: Chocolate Minx

Vienna Dolorosa is a chronicle of depraved acts committed by fanatical mentality preying on the human race. There is nothing positive, redeeming or psychologically healthy illustrated anywhere within the confines of these pages.

The only rationale in my mind for this book is to possibly gain profit from gruesome perversions. There is nothing I consider entertaining or pleasant within this book. I was so sickened by the context [sic] that I decline to read this author or publisher ever again.

Warning: this book contains Child Molesting, Incest, Homosexual Mutilation, Murder and Assaults.

-Nymph Review Chocolate Minx