Reviews on Vienna Dolorosa:

Amos Lassen - I love the concept of “Vienna Dolorosa”—the entire novel, all 241 pages, takes place on one day, March 12, 1938 as the Nazi army entered Vienna and began to destroy the city. Our narrators are two marginalized characters—Frau Friska, hotel/ house of assignation manager and transvestite and Petya, a young male prostitute who lives at the hotel. As the novel progresses, we get narrations from other characters as well and what they have to say is not pretty. (Read More)

Sally Bibrary - If you've read any of his work (or any of my previous reviews), you know Mick is never what you would call 'safe' or 'mainstream'. His work is always edgy and difficult, presenting us with slices of life that may not be entirely pleasing to behold, but which are always compelling and fascinating. His writing is as unapologetic as it is honest, presenting us with people who are, for better or worse, simply living their lives, as opposed to characters playing a narrative role. (Read More)

Chocolate Minx - Vienna Dolorosa is a chronicle of depraved acts committed by fanatical mentality preying on the human race. (Read more)

Victor J. Banis - A stunning and exemplary work of historical fiction, set in Vienna, Austria, taking place during a single day—March 12, 1938, the day Hitler "invades" Austria... (Read more)

Anne Brooke - I entirely agree with Victor on "Vienna Dolorosa." I'm 3/4s through and it's shocking, powerful, astonishing and brutal. A unique voice and a powerful statement! (Read more)

Peter Vann - I'm interested that Synergy has moved far past porn with "Vienna Dolorosa" — it certainly is in the company of modern German realists...(Read more)

Jeffrey Round - On Saturday, March 12, 1938, Hitler’s army marched into Vienna, looting, destroying and murdering while the city’s inhabitants fled or stood by in shock hoping the cataclysm wouldn’t touch them. (Read more)

Erastes - This is a terrible book. Yes, that got your attention, didn’t it? I don’t mean...(Read more)

Crystal Adkins - Vienna Dolorosa by Mykola Dementiuk is quite disturbing and very uninhibited with sexual content, transvestitism, sodomy, underage sex...(Read more)

Rainbow Reviews - A very detailed and complicated examination of one side of the horrible underbelly of Nazi politics, Vienna Dolorosa is a violent, sexually skewed, horrific novel covering one significant date in European history...(Read more)

Midwest Book Review - A look into the bizarre side of things, never mentioned due to the major events occurring otherwise. "Vienna Dolorosa" is a novel about Hitler's invasion of Austria, as told from the perspective of a transvestite brothel in Vienna. (Read more)

Mark R. Probst - Mykola Dementiuk’s Vienna Dolorosa was a very, very difficult book to read. It took me quite a while longer to get through it than it normally would have for a relatively small novel. (Read more)